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Dec. 14th, 2008 @ 02:10 pm Health Care
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To Our Supporters,


Several of us from the Nader for President 2008 campaign had decided to channel our efforts toward one big goal, but we lacked a major focus. Recently, results of a survey done by the campaign came back. Top issue? Adopt single payer health care.

 It's not the only issue people care about, obviously. But, to turn this country around it's clear that we need to address our own pain now. Our big goal for the next Congress will be to drive for national health insurance to cover privately-delivered healthcare for all Americans. We're far from alone in this.

The array and scope of the groups and their allies supporting national health insurance is impressive. But we are not reinventing the wheel, either. As long as you want to build a lasting organization that will get Congress to focus on people's needs -- not those of big business -- November5 can be the place to do it. Here in the United States, we have excellent private health care. So why are nearly 100 million of our citizens uninsured or underinsured?

You already know why: profit-driven private insurance companies. Taken together, they make the Pentagon look streamlined. Not only that, but consider over 18,000 dead and hundreds of thousands getting sicker every year specifically because their health insurance is inadequate -- or non-existent.

The way to fix health care is to cut private insurance companies out of the basic health care picture, while keeping our system of private delivery. This is how Medicare came into being in the 1960s. It now covers all Americans over 65. If we succeed in creating a system of "Medicare for All," we will help businesses and other organizations, independent contractors, veterans, people with pre-existing conditions, students -- all of us.

If we get this done, it will revolutionize all of our lives for the better. We'll be able to focus on everything else that we want to accomplish for our communities, and our nation. Passing national health insurance will be difficult, but it is achievable.

Find out how you can be a part of the movement: www.november5.org

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